Industrial Blvd, Chesapeake Bay, VA

Installing 4″ Fiberglass Conduit on the side of the bridge.

Shell Point over Harbor River, SC

Inspection work for BJWSA

Beaufort, SC

For this project we repaired a waterline and valve in the city of Beaufort, SC via our bridge access truck.

Hickory, NC

This project was to install 380 LF of 12″ ductile iron waterline on canter leaver hangers to the side of the bridge. Access to install the waterline on the bridge over the river was made easy via the use of one of our bridge trucks as shown in the pictures.

Kanawha Falls

This project was to install an insulated 8″ ductile iron waterline on roller hangers across the center of a 900 LF bridge over the Kanawha Falls river to carry drinking water to the homes on the other side of the river. King Electric worked with Mountaineer Welding and Construction to help them complete the full in ground and bridge attached areas of this project.


Here we installed a 12″ ductile iron water line for the City of Gainesville. This was attached to the bridge over the Suwannee River.

Potomac Park

For this project we had to demo 2 ductile iron 8″ waterlines and replace with 12″ ductile iron waterlines. This project come with the challenges in that nothing could sit in the water due to environmental issues. So our bridge truck was the only way to complete this project staying out of the water and carrying the weight of 12″ ductile iron pipe 40′

under the bridge.

I-95 Richmond, VA

This project was to install fiberglass and ridged metal conduit for the ITS system on I-95 under a total of 13 bridges for VDOT working with Midasco.

Radio Island, NC

Here we installed a fiberglass drainage system to the bridge over the Inter-Coastal Waterway for NCDOT

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