About King Electric

King Electric of Fayetteville, Inc. is a corporation licensed in the state of North Carolina. We have been in business doing electrical contracting for the past 39 years.

We are familiar with all types of commercial and industrial installations. We are skilled in motor controls, services, grounding, megging, high voltage testing and have the ability to accomplish large and small projects. King Electric also does street lighting, roadway lighting, and sportsfield lighting.

We have been active for 25 years in the installation of conduit and piping on bridges from coast to coast for telecommunications, water and sewer, and gas utility companies. The heart of our operation is four (4) Paxton Mitchell Underbridge Cranes that supply us with a convenient work platform under bridges at normal working height.

We have a bonding capacity of three (3) million dollars on any single project.
We also have an excellent OSHA record and our OSHA 200 log is available upon request.

Thank you for allowing us to introduce our Company and if you can use our services please call us at 910-483-4627 or fax us at 910-483-2981.

Please click here to see a list of the companies we have done work for

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King Electric, Inc.
128 S. Broad Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 483-4627